Yellow Octagonal Crystal

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Yellow Octagonal Crystal

If your immune system is weak a purchase of this Yellow crystal is highly suggested, As an elixir, Yellow Crystal is useful in eliminating toxins from the body.Yellow Crystal is ideal for boosting physical energy and vitality, and is an excellent support for exercise.

Benefits of Yellow Crystal

Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as Manipura.This chakra is located in the stomach area. It is linked to the stomach, liver, skin, large intestine, muscular system, and solar plexus area. The Solar Plexus Chakra is representative of vitality and will. When this chakra is open, it acts to empower a person and help them find their personal strength. It will help turn dreams and goals into reality. Gemstones that will aid the Solar Plexus Chakra include amber and citrine.

Material: Crystal
Size: 30mm 

100% Brand New

Size: Ball Sphere 40mm + Stand

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