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Rainbow Gold Moon Star Earrings

This dramatic earrings features abstract-cut stones in multi-hued tones and gold-plated metal.  Wear with matching pieces to catch attention and for added impact, or mix and match with other Swarovski items to create your own style story.

The rainbow is one of nature's most beautiful phenomena. However, to spot a rainbow, you ought to be in the right place at the right time!

RED -This is the color of energy and enthusiasm. Red is also the color with the longest wavelength, and it symbolizes vibrancy and security. It has always been known to signify passion as well.

ORANGE - Orange is a very warm color, which although dynamic, is more thoughtful and controlled. This color can increase the creativity and playfulness of a person, and bring about equilibrium in life.

YELLOW - Yellow also means something bright and happy, and the usage of this color is known to bring about a proper clarity of thought in the mind of an individual, and also improve one's decision-making skills. Wisdom is usually associated with this color.

GREEN - Green has always been known for being the color of fertility, in addition to its calming effect on an individual. The color green symbolizes harmony, balance, growth, and good health.

BLUE - Blue is known as the color of divinity. Using the color blue in our daily lives is said to bring about peace and understanding, in addition to easy flow of communication. This color also helps to soothe and relax oneself.

INDIGO - The color indigo means infinity. It also symbolizes wisdom, intuition, and self-mastery.

VIOLET - A deep purple symbolizes high spiritual attainment, and a pale shade symbolizes love for humanity. Typically violet has always signified royalty.


  • A Pair of earrings.
  • Shape\pattern: Star Moon
  • Metals Type: Gold Plated
  • Style: Trendy
  • Color: White or Colorful 
  • Gender: Women


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