Start Spiritual Cleansing With Your Stone…Feel The Energy Of The Stone And Let It Absorb The Negative Energy From You

1. Hold the Stone in Your Hand and Close Your Eyes

You can also keep them open if you would like too! Depends on how you feel!

2. Deep Breathing

Start taking deep relaxing breaths

3. Focus The Object

Focus all your thoughts and energy into the Reiki stone

4. Feel It

By now you should start feeling the energy of the stone flowing through your body. If you don’t, it’s ok! Just relax, it will come to you!

5. Use Your Imagination

It’s ok if you start imagining things. That means it’s working and your mind is entering a different, more relaxed state.

6. Imagine The Tentacles of the Stone’s Energy

Feel and imagine the stone's energy as it enters your body through your hand as you hold it.

7. Allow The Stone To Suck The Negative Energy

The stone can cut out the negative energy out from you and charge you with a positive one instead! Sense how it feels…Do you feel anything?! Keep trying, maybe this bracelet will help.

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