Being Positive In Life and Avoiding Negative Thoughts Will Make Your Life More Meaningful and Complete, Not Only Will It Improves You as a Being, But Those Around You As Well!

1. Believe What You Want To Believe, Not What Others Tell You

People may think you are crazy for your beliefs and your practices, but if you know that Reiki has healed you before if you have sensed something higher than all of us, don’t let others judge you! Just keep what you are doing, and believe in yourself.

2. Everything Is Possible If You

Just by relaxing your mind and being quite, breathing in and out, feeling your heartbeat, and having the intention to help another you create a sacred space for you…Space, where everything is possible.

3. Gratitude Is Key

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life, it turns what you have into enough. It turns your denial into acceptance, It turns meals into feasts, a little house to home, a stranger to friend. Gratitude creates a sense for the past and vision for tomorrow.

4. Keep Your Head Up High

If you find yourself crying in front of your mirror, just hold your head high and smile…Pretend that nothing is wrong for the moment and hide all your friends. That’s what “BEING STRONG” means

5. It’s All About Energy

Everything that surrounds you is energy. Your mind begins it, your emotions expand it and your actions increase the momentum

6. Make Sense Of Your Life

By practicing Reiki,  you will rediscover sense, wholeness in your life where you won’t need to feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together at all times.

7.Implement The Benefits Of Reiki Healing Stones In Your Life

Most of our jewelry adapts to the needs of the recipient. They will help you meditate states and promote personal awareness. For example, this bracelet can help you relax, reduce stress and balances your body and energy by relieving pain and discomfort.

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