1. Save Yourself a Little Each Day to Think

Computers, television, work, and other hobbies or obligations fill our busy lives. These activities and tasks take over our time and without realizing this happens without stopping for a moment to think, plan and reflect. The best time to do it is either first thing in the morning or at the end of the night before going to bed. Silence will be the ideal companion of our thoughts. You will see how spending only half an hour a day (one hour would be better) to plan and think about the things that interest you will soon get results. 

The clarity of ideas will result in knowing better who you are and what you want from life. When the lighthouse shines the fog of the road disappears, it will also pass with the path you have to travel to get what you want. Once you know who you are and what you want, plan how to get it.

2. Everything in Its Time and Place

Work is done in the workplace and during work hours. Getting used to taking work home is a serious mistake. The house is to rest and spend time with your family not to lock yourself in your room working until the wee hours of the morning. How to solve this? You have to be productive at work. Otherwise, there will always be work to be done. In this post, you will find many and excellent personal productivity tips but, without a doubt.


3. Go on a nature excursion

Once a week or every two, you should go on a field trip, alone or accompanied, to a place where you are in direct contact with nature. Whether it's to a mountain or the beach, excursions help us disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle. You breathe fresh air, you rejoice the sight and tone the muscles. What more could you want? Some of the most beautiful memories of my life took place on one of those trips. Every time you are in touch with nature, you perceive a special connection with the deepest part of yourself. The sounds of seagulls, the smell of the sea, the feel of the sand between my fingers, etc. What are images that awaken your senses? Well, imagine the good that makes being there every so often. It is an unbeatable natural therapy against stress.

4. Exercise Every Day

Moderate but constant exercise is the best natural medicine that exists. Do a little exercise every day, if it can be before 4 pm, and your batteries will be charged with the energy you need to face the day. Your well-being will improve. Notably, you will sleep better; you will be able to increase your circle of friends and, if all this were not enough, your appearance would be the envy of your friends. The key to not give up and to start developing the habit of training from day one, without failing for a long time and at a moderate pace. 

5. Less is More

Apply this rule for almost everything you have doubts about. Expose yourself to the shortest and clearest paths is always the best. Choose to eat as an ascetic rather than as a king. A short book that condenses his doctrine better than a long one that all he does is turn the same issue. Eliminate everything that does not add anything of value and leaves the essence.

6. Follow a Healthy Diet

Today we have enough information to know what is healthy and what is not. You do not have to be luminaries to have a balanced diet. The benefits? Countless in comparison with the bad that we would produce eating junk. In your diet, there must be legumes, vegetables, fruits, fish, meats, and some kinds of pasta. Firstly, you should consume more quantity from the above mentioned. Breakfast should be substantial, snack at mid-morning, eat in moderation, snack if you're hungry (not pastries but fruits) and dine vegetables, fish or fruits. 

7. Everything Changes

Are you going through a bad time? Do not despair or fall into a deep depression because of changes, nothing is permanent. Today you are down, but tomorrow you can be up. Look back and think about the laps life has given you. Who would have told you back then that things would go as they have finally gone? The cells of our body change constantly, the skin falls off and grows back, our emotions change, the circumstances constantly change, everything, in short, changes. Think of the snake that abandons its old skin to put on the new one. If you are on top, be alert not to fall with the change. If you are in the hole, prepare to climb the ladder when it appears. But beware, do not rest on the laurels because the fortune is for those who seek it.

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