The little things that we’ve been told throughout our lives wander into the deeper points of our minds, and sometimes, we only remember them when it’s already too late. Here are a few reminders that should make your life easier.

1. Remember Your Goals in The Big Picture

Instead of what you think you must have NOW! Most things we desire are not needs; they are wants.

2. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

When you are tired, you cannot function at your best, and you need to be at the top of your game as much as possible. Turn off the TV, laptop, phone. It’s good for you, emotionally and physically.

3. Write Thank-You Notes by Hand

Barely anyone does this anymore, yet it can be so meaningful so it can be considered as a nice gesture. It shows that you truly appreciated what you are thankful for.

4. Spread Your Love to a Person in Need

Visit a rest home where nobody knows you and have a conversation with a stranger for a change. Go to the hospital and volunteer, or read to children at the library. You will feel better for it.

5. Ignore The Bad And Focus On The Positive

When your mind takes you back in the past, focus on the good that has come your way, don’t regret anything you think you may have missed. Remember, your life is more abundant than most on the planet.

6. It’s Okay To Take It Slow

Many people try to pack as much as they can into a day or a short vacation. Try to take a little more time getting things done or visiting places you like, you won’t burn out, don’t worry, and in the end, you’ll see much more.

7. Give yourself a gift

It can be a physical gift, like some of the Reiki healing items we offer or traveling to a distant or desired. Whatever you decide on doing, enjoy it with all your energy. Know that you deserve it!

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