There is not a single person that does not want to be happy, and a lot of times in order to find happiness, you will have to step out of your comfort zone and look for it. Read our best 7 tips on how to become happy and how to find joy in small things.

1.  Choose Happiness and Then Think How to Be Happy

Life is only one, and we should not wait for the perfect moment to be happy. Often times we feel sad for not having enough money or time to do activities that we enjoy, and that’s just stopping us from feeling the joy in small things such as the perfectly brewed coffee in the morning, or the smile from the delivery man or the small talk you made with your neighbor in the morning. Let the small things define your happiness and the big ones will follow afterward.

2. Success Does Not Make You Happier

Society has definitely put a lot of pressure in people to believe that by having nicer things they are going to be happy, but that’s not the case in real life. The cultural pressure in this regard has led us to believe that a title, a role, a position in a company, a giant check at the end of the month, a project that works, is what gives us happiness. However, happiness comes in small portions and it might not even involve money. By being in nature and doing outside activities you will be able to see how your mood has improved for better, so Yes for outdoor activities and friends.

3. Surround Yourself with Positive People

It’s really exhausting being in company with people who always want to share their story and never listen to your side. People like this tend to only call or text when they need a favor or they need someone to fill their free time, so avoiding such individuals is really a must.

Surround yourself with people who will be part of your life and experiences, and with people who know how to listen and comfort you.

4. Live for Now

Don’t make plans for the future, as you will only be living for then and stop living in reality where nicer things might happen in real life. Also, thinking of things that happened in the past might also make you sad and deprived. Today you are healthy, and you have people who care for you so live for now.

5. Be Physically Active

Physical activities make you more energetic and if you have been tense, that will all disappear by being busy doing exercises indoors or outdoors. Exercise works better than meditation especially when there is music involved, so treat yourself with activities that will make you happy.

6. Help Others and Do Charity Work

You never know when someone will need something you don’t need or use anymore which is really good to be involved in charity work where you can help the less fortunate and you will have a good chat about their life and how you can help. Who knows, you might even get good friends there who just did not have enough luck.

7. Be Grateful

It might be silly, but be grateful if you are not having any health issues as many people are struggling and are having no second chance in life. If you can see, smell, feel or touch, then you are lucky and you have the power to do whatever you want in order to reach your goals

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