1. Face your fears

Our fears repress us to do what we want, they prevent us from achieving the best of ourselves and, with that, they close the door to the right path of happiness. Success is for the brave. The best way to chase away our means is to look directly at them "in the eyes" (imagine that it is a wolf) and run towards them with determination. Believe me; he will run away like the soul that the devil carries. Only free of fears can you allow you to use 100% of your abilities.

2. Get used to the inevitable

Sometimes things do not come as expected. It does not matter why the reality is that "that" is already here and is to stay. Accustom yourself to the evil that afflicts you, live with it and do not give up. Keep looking for ways for your liberation but face with serenity the possibility that you never get rid of whatever afflicts you. Constant resistance will do nothing but deepen your emotional wound. Now more than ever you have to greet the day with a smile and live life as best you can.

3. Never lose hope

The hope for achieving what is desired is the engine of our lives. It is the wick that allows our flame to follow its path. As soon as you lose hope your life will be meaningless and will be the end. There is always light for hope. Put all your effort to get what you want step by step and, if you cannot achieve it, at least you have been a worthy representative of the human race. Ultimately, there always is a miracle. So, look straight ahead, keep going and do not lose hope.

4. Implement good habits in your life and practice them

It is the habits that are going to make a difference throughout your life. There is no point in obsessively doing an activity for two weeks if then it is not practiced anymore. Habits are created by doing them every day if it can be in similar circumstances (time and place), and for a time not too long. Otherwise, it will exhausts you. And once it exhausts you, it will be more difficult to implement the habit. Implementing good habits will make it easier for you to achieve new great things in your life.

5. Step by step you get further

I'm sure you already know the story of the turtle and the hare. Well, be a tortoise and forget about running fast, because the things that are worth it cost a lot of effort and running fast you also get tired fast. Step by step is how you will one day reach the desired destination. It's like the one who wants to lift 50 kilos without ever training before. What will happen? Well, not only will not lift them but also break in half. The same goes for any sphere of life. Do not try to run over the account if you do not want to end up badly stopped.

6. Wake Up Early

For me, the idea is to wake up when the sun starts to rise. This is how it is written in our genes after hundreds of thousands of years of life without electricity. It is not natural, nor good for our health, to stay awake at night for many hours. But not only for health, which is not little, but also for the productivity that is gained. Wake up before (not before 5 am because that's not written in our genes either) and at 10 am, when the right people start working you will have already done a lot of the tasks that you have assigned. Also, the tranquility of the early hours of the day is perfect for many activities, such as meditating, reflecting and working.

7. Go to sleep at a prudent hour

Try to avoid taking away hours of sleep. If you wake up, soon get to sleep soon. Accustom your body to a schedule and respect it. Your body is like a watch that if you do not touch it much, you will not need the adjustments of a watchmaker (and who says watchmaker says, doctor). Each person is different regarding the hours he needs to have adequate rest. You have to know which one is yours. We all have the right to go out at night to have fun from time to time.

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