1.Know Yourself

A big source of frustration is not knowing yourself well. We lie to ourselves either because of ignorance of the truth or because we resist it. Do you feel trapped in a life that does not make you feel 100% happy? You have to rethink if the foundations that sustain your life are correct or not. Why? Because if the foundations are not adequate, the entire building will falter and, eventually will collapse.

2. Be yourself no matter what others think of you

You only live once, and the life you live is yours and no one else. Live your life your way and do not let others tell you how to live it. It is your special personality that sets you apart from others. Being different is not a bad thing but, on the contrary, it is your treasure. Do not let the social pressure mold you at your whim. Preserve your identity because it is your greatest asset.

3. Nothing, absolutely nothing, deserves to put your health at risk

Your health comes. First, it goes above all other things. Without health, although you can still taste life, it does not taste so sweet. So, the next time you're going to do something crazy, think about whether it's worth the risk. Imagine a scale and put on each side the best and the worst that could happen to you doing the activity. What weighs more? Now you are aware of the pros and cons of what you are going to do, and it’s up to you to decide.

4. Every day when you get up, show gratitude for what you have

Greet the sun when you look out the window. Get up with a smile and think about the beautiful and valuable things you have in your life. That gratitude will put you in a positive frame of mind that will help you face the new day. Think of your little daughter, your mother, your friends, your lived experiences and, in short, anything that makes you feel proud and eager, you have to fight for it. Before going to sleep, look at the stars and say goodbye to the moon until the next day.

5. Spend some time each day thinking about death

I do not want to be sinister, but this is one of the best advice I can give you, let me explain it to you. Death is a natural process of life that we have to get used to; we have to make it part of us. We must always keep her in mind. Why? Because it is the reminder that we are here in passing and that, therefore, we must do everything possible to extract all its juice from life. It will be the push you will need when fear keeps you from doing what you want and fighting for what you want. Also, it will help you prepare for death. Better to die with a smile of peace and satisfaction than with a face of fright. Don’t you think?

6. Always aim high in your aspirations

If you aim high in life, you may not get everything you aspire, but you will surely get much more than if you intend low. Conformism is the loser's drug. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by failure, because success may be right at the next stop. Be clear about what you want and work hard to achieve it, it is the only thing that you need to reach the highest in any sphere of life.

7. Get used to doing things that displease you

It is the best way I know to tell your lazy "I" that here you are the boss. Make the bed after getting up; clean dishes after eating; study half an hour more; pedal one more kilometer, and a long, etc. They are just some examples of how you can train to reduce resistance to do those tasks that you will have to face in your day today. It is what I call developing the capacity for suffering.

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