As you Know By Now, There Are Many Reiki Infused Jewelry and They Will Often Times Help You Lead More Balanced and Positive Life, Here Are The Best Tips To Get The Most Out of Them

1. Sleep Near It

Your Reiki infused item will allow you to receive the healing energies while you sleep and keep you charged!

2. Always Hold It When You Meditate

This might as well be the best tip we can offer you! Whenever you meditate, hold the Reiki infused jewelry in your hand and closely observe it while entering a meditating state

3. Gazed Into It

When you have time, try to focus on the artifact and get your mind lost into its colors and shapes while you hold it in your hands

4. Trace It With Your Touch

Trace the jewelry with your fingers and feel as your vibe the Reiki infused jewelry vibe harmonize into one

5. Never Doubt It

Always be positive around your Reiki items and give it love and gratitude. In return, it will send you the same!

6. Be Close To It

Even when you are not wearing it, put it somewhere in a display. Your refrigerator, the table in your living room, etc. That way, you will see it numerous time throughout the day and feel its positive vibes.

7. Befriend It

If you are traveling a lot by car or bike, make sure it stays by your side. You will be surprised how good of a companion Reiki infused jewelry can be!

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